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ali kenner brodsky & co.

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About the Company:

Now known as ali kenner brodsky & co. and based in southeastern, Mass., five magnetic women comprise the company, which has become known for emotionally driven and gesturally rich pieces. Each piece is defined by the space between movements, the impulse, the pause, and the breath, which initiates. The dancers bring their own emotional truths into their movements, with the goal of presenting rather than representing meaning. There is no narrative coding, and therefore no need for narrative decoding by the audience. Pieces may be seen as dance-theater with the movement being specific and purposeful.  Dancers are encouraged to discover what the movement is for them, as that is how the dance comes alive.  Artistic director Ali Kenner Brodsky uses choreography to express the words, thoughts and feelings not revealed in everyday life.  It is her hope that people view the work without preconceived ideas and walk away having felt something, having been moved and having experienced the raw emotion that she and the dancers put into it.